Juicing – The Good and The Bad


Is the juice diet healthy and nutritious? Discover what physicians think about the juicing method and whether it is recommended for you to use it or not.

The juicing method is popular and also controversial. There is much talk about the juice diet. Is it healthy or not? On the one hand, many people recommend it as a healthy and nutritious diet. On the other hand, other dietitians and nutritionists say we should not go for it.

The juice can be a carbohydrate and sugars bomb.

Many bottled juices have sugar, just like any other drink. Unfortunately, even organic ones may have added sugar. And even if they do not have added sugar, fruits used in juices and vegetables generally have high glycemic index. Combined with the fact that you do not chew them, you drink them, the amount of sugar in the blood increases after consuming the juice, even if it’s healthy.

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Diet specialists do not recommend juice diet just because after drinking the juice, your blood sugar rises, causing hunger. So the juicing method is not exactly sustainable in the long run.

Juicing will not make you any less hungry.

In addition to high glycemic index and low fiber intake, the juice does not have lipids or proteins, both of which are key if you want to consume satiated food.

Without fat, protein and fiber to give you the feeling of satiety, your brain will get the signal that it needs food again.

How do you optimize the juicing method?

Consume vegetables and fruits as such. The main advice of the specialists is to prepare your juices and smoothies at home.

  • Eliminate high glycemic index fruits from juice and smoothie recipes. Give up on pineapple, mango, banana.
  • Use lots of green leafy vegetables.
  • Add to your diet lemon juice, lime, green apple, ginger, mint, turmeric juice to add internal flavors without toxic ingredients.
  • Remember that the juicing or detoxification method is not indicated in the long run. Better eliminate unhealthy ingredients from eating.

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When you buy from the store, read the product label carefully:

  • Find out how many portions are in a bottle in order not to exceed the daily intake of sugar.
  • Check the amount of sugar per serving, if it is over 6 grams, leave the juice and better drink lemon water.
  • Check the fiber content and if the juices found do not have fiber, remember that it’s like eating sugar!
  • Always choose organic ingredients, less processed.