Are You Ready for Pregnancy? Diet Tips to Consider


Pregnancy diet – this article will not address the subject in a detailed manner but rather in a conceptual once. We will not give strict recipes or recommendations on food.

It is a utopia to imagine that you can generalize the diet before pregnancy for an infinite number of cases. In fact, it’s not a diet but a medium-term strategy to put your food in order. The main issues to consider are lower tolerance to carbohydrates, specific lusts, the required nutrients and the immune system.

One problem is that, amid an imbalance between necessary carbohydrate and the actual carbohydrate consumption, the body starts to have problems with low blood sugar.

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Insulin receptors decrease sensitivity and the pancreas is forced to produce more insulin. It is a precursor to type 2 diabetes. In the case of pregnancy, it is called pregnancy diabetes and is quite a common condition. The good part is that we can reduce the risk of this if, before giving birth, the future mother will have a good tolerance for carbohydrates. For this, we will need an active lifestyle in order to evacuate glycogen stores and we need to have a balanced diet to remove processed carbohydrates. Bread, sugar, juices and sweeteners. Generally, after a more difficult 2 to 3 weeks similar to a withdrawal, the body doesn’t feel the sugar addiction anymore and it is much easier to avoid sugar-based products. Our recommendation is to not choose a low carb diet. We believe that vegetables or cereals with higher glycemic index can still be consumed as long as you do not exaggerate with the quantities. Potatoes, rice, oats, fruits would be the simplest and most common choices for carbohydrate-rich sources.

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In our opinion, exaggerated cravings can have two causes. Frequent consumption of taste enhancers, frequent consumption of sugar products or lack of certain nutrients.

We talked about the need to reduce the consumption of sugars so it remains the complete elimination if possible of the taste-enhancers. Sodium monoglutamate abounds in fast food products in chips and sausages. The more we avoid these products, the easier we will manage our lusts during pregnancy.

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Let’s talk nutrients now. Lack of nutrients can give bizarre cravings. These are cravings that I do not think you should suppress. But in order to net get into an eating spiral, it is best for the future mother to be concerned about the nutritional quality of the food in the early stages. You need to have everything in your body before you begin to design a new organism inside it. Vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats are the most important and I would add attention to probiotics and fiber, especially for the balance of the digestive system, knowing that during pregnancy constipation may be a problem. One final recommendation is to avoid obsessions and, before starting to use supplements, make sure you have exhausted all the natural options to get these nutrients.

As a general conclusion, changes should be made in small but steady steps, without nutritional extremism, with no obsession for hard-to-reach foods and without exaggerating with supplements. Such a diet will be easy to adapt during pregnancy and lactation.