Craving Sweets? Here is Why and How You Can Control It


“I’m craving for something sweet!”, “I can not give up sweets!” “In the evening, after work, when I relax, I feel the need to eat something sweet!”

We are sure that every single one of you knows or remembers at least one person (usually a woman) who has a sweets craving problem.

The reality is that we are programmed or conditioned to enjoy sweet-tasting foods, to prefer them and to associate them with the idea of relaxation, pleasure, reward, and that is partly due to the fact that we are mammals, therefore our first food is breast milk containing lactose, so sugar and partly the fact that the most important sources of energy are plants, which also contain a lot of carbohydrates.

In addition, man has found that sweet foods are usually non-toxic. All of this has changed our food behavior sufficiently over the course of thousands of years of evolution so now modern man seems to be addicted to the sweet taste.

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We should not forget that for hundreds of years people have learned how to get sugar, and for the last few decades (30-40), sugar and sugars in various forms have begun to be added with goodwill in exaggerated quantities. Why? It’s very simple – because we like to feel the sweet taste and if we feel it, our brain will quickly learn that the product is “good”, so we will prefer it when we make our purchases.

So, “sweet craving” is normal to a certain point, explicable to another and destructive when it dominates our life.

The good part is that it can be controlled.

Many people are looking for the solution to solve this problem in a variety of products, such as chrome, but unfortunately they do not work, others repress this startup but soon give up and make a mistake at some point, then blame themselves and so on…

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The solution is extremely simple. In theory, at least.

A balanced diet (with all that it is, you can find details in thousands of books about this), a balanced emotional life and an optimal physical activity level – all these give us the opportunity to control sweet craving, which means we can also eat foods with a high concentration of sugars, but we can stop in time.

I’m sorry to disappoint those who expected to give them a “quick fix”, but there is simply no such thing.